CleanDesk.AI offers an AI Chat Site for your website

An “AI Chat Site” is an AI conversational site added to your existing website. It enables real-time interaction, providing personalised information about your business, and creating a dynamic experience that exceeds that of a traditional website. The “AI Chat Site” can be added as a widget, accessed through a dedicated domain (e.g., ai.yoursite.com), or seamlessly integrated into your existing website via a URL.

Today’s audience, having encountered AI platforms like ChatGPT, Gemini, Meta AI, and others, now expects quick, concise, straightforward, and personalised responses and interactions. AI Chat Site, through conversational interface can fulfil these expectations by providing instant responses and tailored recommendations, complementing your traditional navigational website. CleanDesk.AI offers a platform that allows you to seamlessly integrate an interactive AI Chat Site into your website with user-friendly methods. Our goal is to simplify the process of preparing your business and website for AI.

Our interactive AI Chat Site and AI Chat Box are fully automated. They engage with your visitors, customers, channel partners, and employees to gather valuable information and address their queries, requests, complaints, and tasks. Installation is as easy as copy-paste, and the chat support is available 24x7 to your customers. CleanDesk.AI seamlessly integrates with your existing platforms such as CRM, ERP, HelpDesk, DMS, and others. This integration enables you to provide real-time data, information, and updates in response to your audiences' queries.

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