Customer profile API

This guide explains how to integrate your customer details API with our support system. The API should provide customer information based on your customer ID.


This API is necessary to associate a given customer ID with the corresponding customer. Customer support can only be provided when the customer is identified by the AI. When a customer initiates a conversation and provides their customer ID, this API is used to collect the customer's information, enabling the system to respond to all queries related to that customer. Do you need to create a new API

You don't need to create a new API; you can use any existing API that provides these details.

API Requirements

Your API should provide the following details for a given customer ID:

  • Customer Name (Required)

  • Customer Avatar (Optional)

  • Phone (Optional)

  • Email ID (Optional)

  • Customer Type (e.g., Business, Home - Optional)

  • Customer Business Name (Optional)

Integration Steps

To integrate your API with our support system, please follow these steps:

  1. Provide API Documentation: Share the documentation for your API, including the endpoint and any required parameters.

  2. API Key or Credentials: If your API requires an API key or other forms of credentials for authentication, please provide us with the key.

  3. Test API: Before integration, we will test your API to ensure it provides the required customer details correctly.

  4. Integrate API: Once testing is successful, we will integrate your API with our support system using the provided documentation.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact us at +91 9810359840 or

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