This document provides details about "How to use" on various aspects of CleanDesk Ai.


Welcome to CleanDesk AI, a multilingual conversational automation platform that leverages generative AI to enhance the efficiency and speed of addressing a significant portion of queries, requests, complaints, and tasks for both customers and employees in businesses.

Key Features

  • Multilingual Conversational Capabilities: CleanDesk AI is designed to communicate seamlessly in multiple languages, ensuring that your global customer base receives the support they need.

  • Automate Interactions: CleanDesk AI empowers you to automate and manage a significant portion, approximately 70-80%, of enquiries, requests, complaints, and tasks for both customers and staff. This automation enables your team to redirect their efforts toward tackling more intricate assignments and delivering exceptional service.

  • Tailored for Businesses: CleanDesk AI offers a wealth of pre-designed process templates, including various joblines (pipelines) and industry lines (packages). These templates are meticulously crafted to cater to the distinct requirements of businesses, simplifying the process of automating tasks through natural and conversational interactions.

Getting Started

Before you dive into harnessing the power of CleanDesk AI, this document will walk you through the initial setup process, system requirements, and best practices for integration within your organization.

Setup Process:

  1. Assess Your Needs: Begin by understanding the specific business processes and tasks you want to automate through CleanDesk AI. Identify the areas where conversational process automation can bring the most value.

  2. System Requirements: Ensure that your organization's infrastructure meets the system requirements for CleanDesk AI, including hardware, software, and network connectivity.

  3. Account Creation: Sign up for a CleanDesk AI account or access the API credentials if you already have an account.

  4. Client Integration: Client integrations involve incorporating CleanDesk AI's clients into your system, enabling your employees and customers to utilize them effectively. Please review the document on client integration for more details.

  5. Custom Client: Utilize our API to create your personalized client. Explore the client API documentation for guidance on how to proceed. An API key is required to access.

  6. API Access: Obtain API keys and credentials necessary to access CleanDesk AI's API. Follow the provided API documentation for guidance.

  7. Integration: Develop or configure the integration between CleanDesk AI and your existing systems or applications. This could involve using webhooks, endpoints, or SDKs provided by CleanDesk AI.

  8. Testing: Thoroughly test the integration to ensure that it functions as expected. Identify and address any issues or discrepancies.

  9. Training: Train your team on how to utilize CleanDesk AI for conversational automation effectively. Ensure that they understand the capabilities and limitations of the system.

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