UI Components

The “AI Chat Site” can be added as a widget, accessed through a dedicated domain (e.g., ai.yoursite.com), or seamlessly integrated into your existing website via a URL.


The CleanDesk.AI widget is a visual component that appears on your website or application, enabling users to engage in real-time text-based conversations. It is typically accessed by clicking the launcher button that appears in the bottom corner of your webpage, allowing users to connect with our AI assistant and participate in conversations.

The launcher button can be customized and animated to give a catchy visual appearance, along with a Widget Invitation Text. The widget invitation will display the default welcome message unless changed.

Launcher Button

CleanDesk.AI offers two types of UI through the widgets: ChatBox and ChatSite. By default ChatSite is selected. The ChatBox provides a smaller UI component that covers a lesser portion of your website, visible in the right side of your website. On the other hand, the ChatSite is a full-page UI that offers a visually impressive and more convenient experience for your audiences to receive better responses.

Chat Site


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